Here GOES Radiotelescope

artist-run satellite receiving station

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full disk of Earth

Here GOES Radiotelescope is a sculptural ground station that receives data from GOES-16, a NOAA weather satellite. Visitors can sit inside the sculpture to see real-time images of the Earth taken by the satellite, effectively seeing ourselves through GOES-16’s eyes, 22,000 miles away.

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earth and sun views in quadrant

See the same real-time, high-resolution imagery shown at Here GOES Radiotelescope’s viewport. Images of the Earth and Sun are received from GOES-16, processed, and uploaded here.

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Watch time lapse animations using images received from GOES-16 at Here GOES Radiotelescope, with more projects coming soon.

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full disk of Earth

Here GOES Radiotelescope resides at Wave Farm, in Acra, NY. The installation's sculptural components will be complete later this year (2020). Visitors to Wave Farm are welcome year-round by appointment.

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